FRIS (Finance Reference Information System) is a Credit Status Checking Portal where participating users can access a shared credit status database ultimately to minimise and prevent loan and credit fraud.

FRIS helps people to understand the risks they might face if they decide to lend money or dealing business to a customer or company by credit. It is an indicator of their financial health. It is important to first know the information about their credit status.
Benefit of FRIS
Improving your Business with Better Credit Risk Management Strategy.
Easy access anytime, anywhere to evaluate your client.

Evaluate Your Client
The major benefit of integrated, quantitative credit risk management is to reduce revenue losses.

It is important to understand how to determine creditworthiness, the ability of your customers to pay you before you extend trade credit. To determine the creditworthiness of a customer, you need to understand their reputation.

Enhanced Debts Recovery
Business owners can improve the debt recovery process, helping you lose less and recover more.