Credit Management System with a powerful platform that has everything you need to run your business

Manage your business effectively to people all over to manage loan, prepayment and upgrade web features and scripts.



The system that provides Apps authoring and collaboration to manage credit with relative ease.

Administration Control
Enable admin to add unlimited borrower, manage info, photo and a remark for specific borrower. Dashboard Quick view of total sum of debts by person, month and year etc. Setting and configuration define by admin

Credit Approval Calculation
Enable admin to configure loan approval setting based on Personal Credit, Business loan, income status, guarantee & documentation, daily’s or monthly’s rates, prepayment amount, duration by number of day or month etc.
Enable special approval for specific borrower.

Loan & Settlement Calculation
System calculate and shows all the borrowed amounts with interest compound supported per each individual loan define by admin setting.
Settlement calculation setting define by admin for Daily or monthly

Referrer Management
Referrer commission pay-out by % of credit amount
Enable to fix by admin for all agent

Staff Management
Enable staff to manage own customer credit collection and get commission according to their in-charge client Staff need to key in amount to the client account when collection

Alert Notification
Apps will update borrower and staff in-charge for the amount apply with approval date and time, alert collector and borrower for coming payment and notify upon payment due account, last pay date and pending amount and credit completed without balance.

Benefits of Credit Management System
Easy Administration Management
The control panel is clear and convenient, no special technical skills are required.

Fulfil Overall E-Commerce Need
provides the full for most loan & prepayment activities, one platform manages everything.

Clear Workflow and Process
Clear step by step process enhances the workflow more efficient to manage and follow.

Better Management
Ultimately enhanced the money lender system, reducing human error involves far more than taking disciplinary action against in system operation.

Edge Features
Mobile Responsive Version
Take advantage of the Mobile revolution by giving the user the flexibility of management from mobile devices.

Further Integration
The platform has a great system infrastructure that allows the development of new and system collaborate with such as Business Intelligence tools, CRM or accounting software etc.

Support database for Backup and restore
The most significant benefit of data backup and recovery services is increased reliability. Backup allows you to recover the files you want any time.


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